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What’s Going On?

In short we offer Business, Sales and Administration Advice.

Kettle 55 has been set up with the aim of improving businesses sales functions, covering all functions from prospecting, presenting, closing and the following sales administration process.

Business owners often push sales to the bottom of the to do list, focusing on the important tasks of ensuring the day-to-day business runs as it should, the books are balanced, and the next catastrophe is averted. All of which pushes new sales activities further down the to do list. Kettle 55 can offer advice, templates and the skills to improve these aspects of your business as well as create semi-autonomous processes to ensure the sales functions of your business are not continually left for tomorrow.

Sales executives are often seen as an expensive luxury that do not guarantee results. Nevertheless, new business is essential for a company to grow and maximise its output. This is where Kettle 55 can help, so get in touch.